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Works of Art

Taxidermy as a business in general has evolved to an art form. I am an artist first and a taxidermist second. Third I am an avid hunter and angler, with a great understanding of nature and the anatomy of animals.


Some advantages of my services

Many exciting positions of your choice. Custom made natural bases available. I do traditional taxidermy as well as rogue taxidermy! All trophy fish are mounted to their original size on foam mannequins. I don't cut any corners by freeze drying them.


Quality Guaranteed

I take my time with each project, treating it as if it were my own.
I have an eye for detail and the patience of a saint. My goal is to make your memory come to life, or your dream animal come true. Pick up and delivery available.


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Field Care

Game heads

 NEVER CUT THE THROAT! This cuts the hair and is impossible to repair. Cut around the body BEHIND the front legs, skin down to the base of the head and cut off neck. Bring to me ASAP. Due to the fact that skins may be in poor condition, all tanning is done at owner's risk.